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TBWA\Shanghai and adidas launch a TikTok campaign to showcase the Z.N.E. off-court jacket.
This campaign from TBWA\Shanghai likened the adidas Z.N.E. hoodie’s unique ‘fast release’ zip to the nature of the TikTok platform in order to make the product stand out in consumer minds.

The essence of Z.N.E. is the “Born Ready” spirit. A single-minded focus on the unique product feature of the fast-release zip to make the product stand out in consumer minds. When you RIP open a Z.N.E., you UNLEASH what you were born ready for. This builds an attitude, product demo, and call to action all into a single-minded message. As such, the campaign sought out innovative new media partnerships with TikTok, the it-platform of the year. Sparking organic experiences to drive commerce, the campaign drew in TikTok users to create their own videos using the Z.N.E jacket which mimicked existing popular TikTok trends where users appear to change clothes with swift 'ripping' actions.


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