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Columbia Journalism Review's Covering Climate Now is the largest effort ever to mobilize the world’s press around the coverage of a single topic: the climate crisis. And Flood the News is TBWA\Chiat\Day New York's way of inspiring that coverage.
#CoveringClimateNow, a joint project of Columbia Journalism Review and The Nation, officially begins September 16th. During that week, more than 220 publications from around the world are going to flood the news with climate crisis stories in a united effort to call the world to action, culminating on September 23 – the day of the Climate Action Summit.

To kick off this initiative, Columbia Journalism Review teamed up with Columbia University’s Earth Institute and TBWA\Chiat\Day New York to inspire influential journalists to bring the climate crisis to the front page with an immersive art exhibit called "Flood The News."

The exhibit features front pages of global newspapers physically treated to reflect the looming impacts of the climate crisis, like rising seas, intensifying heat waves, declining snowpack, increased pollution, and extreme wildfires.