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An Aussie living in the US, Luke is responsible for leading innovation at TBWA\Worldwide, focusing on the overall development and integration of emerging tech and practices across the TBWA collective. As part of this, he leads \NEXT and 10x, TBWA’s innovation platforms designed to tap into TBWA’s collective minds and capabilities in developing new innovations that can be rapidly scaled across global markets and clients.

Luke is also directly involved in TBWA’s global clients and the evolution and rollout of Disruption® - TBWA’s proprietary methodology for helping clients uncover whitespace and disruptive ideas that lead to growth.

Luke has been with TBWA for over a decade, originally within TEQUILA\ and later Digital Arts Network, leading specialized digital teams and broader digital integration and transformation within TBWA and Media Arts Lab. Luke’s journey with TBWA has led him to live in Sydney, Hong Kong, NYC, LA and back to NYC.